Victory: My Second BILD Award for Best Social Media Campaign

award-winning social media

How do you define victory?

That was my starting point for the Victory community. Having first thought of major defeats over disease and huge lottery winnings, I realized many people would have a hard time identifying with such out-of-this-world victories. That’s why we narrowed it down to small, day-to-day victories. With that in mind, we launched two initiatives:

  1. What’s Your Victory Facebook contest: entrants were encouraged to share their simple victories. Every week we’d give out a $50 IKEA gift card and a $100 monthly IKEA gift card; a $1,000 IKEA gift card would be handed at the end of the campaign .(Entries included a person whose missing iPod was returned by a stranger, another whose victory is to do a great workout, and someone whose son recovered from an illness.)
  2. Live Your Style: fans and registrants were given a chance to vote for the features and finishes of their liking on the Victory page. The builder subsequently based  Victory’s design and style choices on fans’ votes.

The results? An engaged online audience, a bold community with fresh design, and another BILD Award for Best Social Media Campaign  — my second in a row.


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