Mac tools I use

After switching to the Mac side over a year ago, I’ve come to rely heavily on a few programs, most of which are free (or cheap.)  Here’s a list:

  1. Adium: the best chat client for Mac. If it only did video.
  2. AppFresh: it lets you know which non-Apple apps have an update available.
  3. TwoUp: incredibly useful.It maximizes your screen space by dividing a number of apps in two exact halves, either vertical or horizontal. I use it every day.
  4. NeoOffice: Word ’08 crashed on me a number of occasions. The last time it lost half an hour worth of data, despite my setting it so it’d save every minute. I closed Word and never used it again. NeoOfffice has been perfect so far.
  5. Scrivener: for crafting research projects, novels, short stories, and pretty much any writing that involves more than half an hour’s work, Scrivener is simply the best software available.Plenty of writers and reviewers agree. $40 and worth every penny.
  6. Twhirl: simple, light, effective Twitter client.

Any other apps that you deem extraordinarily useful?

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